Social Responsibility


Given the Project’s location in the Northern Territory (which is a sparsely populated, and relatively untouched natural environment), Nathan River Resources takes great responsibility for its impact

Nathan River Resources has a dedicated team of sustainability professionals that manage all aspect of our licence to operate, including:

  • Environmental approvals, monitoring and reporting

  • Indigenous employment

  • Local Indigenous and stakeholder engagement

  • Cultural training for employees and contractors

  • Employee assistance and counselling program


All Native Title Arrangements in Place:

  • Native title holders from the Roper Region are represented by the Northern Land Council (“NLC”)

  • The NLC identified the Traditional Owners of the mine site and haulage road route following which several agreements were executed and all aspects of the Native Title Act 1993 agreed upon, including native title payments, indigenous employment and environmental aspects

  • These agreements were approved unanimously by the Full Council of the NLC at its AGM in May 2012

  • Native title and NLC agreements have been novated or transferred to NRR following its acquisition of the Nathan River mine include:

    • Co-Existence and Mining Deed

    • Ancillary Infrastructure Agreement

    • Indigenous Land Use

    • AAPA Authority Certificates

  • A Survey Report on the outcomes of the sacred site survey was presented by the  NLC to Western Desert in February 2013. This report highlights Restricted Work  Areas along the haulage road and mine

  • In September 2020, on-country meeting was held between NRR, the NLC and Traditional Owners at the Nathan River mine prior to the recommencement of mining


The cultural induction and monitoring program aims to build strong and culturally appropriate partnerships and relationships between the location Native Title Holders and NRR employees and contractors.

The training comprises of three components:

  • Cultural Awareness overview

  • Regional overview

  • Site specific – Mine site and BBLF - Native Title Holders and NLC

There is also a requirement for an annual refresher course for all personnel, which will give us the opportunity to dive deeper into areas of interest not covered by the initial induction program.