• Initial Mine Plan

    • 6.5Mt of DSO and 1.9Mt of DMS feed to produce 8.4Mt of iron ore at 57.2% Fe over 4 years

  • Mining commenced at Danehill and Zabeel, focused on higher-grade DSO production from staged pits

  • Mining will extend along the F West trend, developing the shallow Oratism and FW4 pits

  • Grade control drilling to commence in 2021 Q4 at E South and FW2 for Resource to Reserve conversion

  • Lower-grade ore from Danehill and F West is being stockpiled ahead of DMS installation

    • Additional DMS testwork underway to update Ore Reserves and finalise DMS plant size and configuration

    • Modular DMS plant selection expected in Q4 2021, with first production planned Q4 2022


The Danehill open pit was first developed by WDR in 2013 and was re-started by Nathan River Resources in November 2020

  • The open pit is currently 2.8km long and 40m deep, but the final pit will stretch over 3km in length and 90m deep

  • Ore is transported 1.5km to the ROM for processing and waste is stored adjacent to the pit

  • Danehill produces the highest-grade iron ore from the Nathan River project and is used to blend with other satellite deposits

    • Danehill DSO mining inventory of 4.0Mt at 60.5% Fe

    • Iron ore extends well below the current Danehill pit, providing further Ore Reserve upside at current iron ore prices

    • Danehill, Oratism and FW4 deposits all sit within the Area F DSO Mineral Resource of 19Mt at 60.8% Fe


  • The Zabeel open pit is located 2.5km east of the ROM processing facility

  • Mining at Zabeel re-commenced in early 2021and will supply 30% of DSO iron ore at the Nathan River Project 

  • The pit is currently 1.3km long and will eventually reach a depth of 70m below surface

  • The deposit has lower iron and higher silica than Danehill, but also contains lower alumina, making it ideal to blend with Danehill ore

    • Zabeel DSO mining inventory of 2.1Mt at 57% Fe

    • The Zabeel pit sits within the Area E East DSO Mineral Resource of 9Mt at 56.8% Fe

    • As with Danehill, ore extends below the current pit design and provides further Ore Reserve upside

NRP-P00016BA-J00012 - Pits_Ore Reserves_Pits FW2 to Zabeel.png