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  • 550 kilometres south-east of Darwin, in the Northern Territory


  • NRR acquired the mineral titles associated with Nathan River from the Receivers and Managers of Western Desert Resources in November 2017

  • NRR has invested c.A$50m into infrastructure, plant and equipment, permitting, site establishment costs and engaging with local communities

NRP-P00001AB-J00001 - Nathan River Project Location.png


  • Mine site tenure is held as Mining and Exploration Leases covering 1,816km2

  • Access Authority and Mining lease covering haul road and port operations

  • JORC Reserve – 8.4Mt at 57.2% Fe

  • DSO Reserves – 6.5Mt at 59.4% Fe

  • JORC Resource – 279Mt at 41.5% Fe


  • Fully integrated pit to port infrastructure including:

  • Mine: airstrip, camp (200 person), iron ore processing plant, offices, workshops, laboratory,  water management, storage and treatment facilities

  • Haul road: private, sealed haul road and bridges,

  • Port: camp (40 person), port stockyard, barge loading and sample preparation facilities


  • Priority 1: exploration will target new DSO deposits, based on our knowledge of high-grade ore forming processes at Danehill and Zabeel
    Priority 2: increase global resource base for Stage 2 development 


  • Currently producing DSO iron ore at a run rate of ~1.3Mtpa, increasing to ~2.2Mtpa in Q4 2021

  • Processing studies underway to increase production to 5Mtpa

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